Industrial Vaporizer Market – Global Industry Dynamics 2018-19, Trends and Forecast, 2020–2027

Industrial vaporizers are equipment which heat and vaporize working fluids. These vaporizers are similar to industrial boilers; however, they cannot build high pressures unlike industrial boilers. Industrial vaporizers are commonly used for low-pressure heat transfer by incorporating vaporized system as a heat exchange fluid. Industrial vaporizers are used for two basic purposes: to generate vapor and to transfer heat. These vaporizers are used in cold environments wherein natural vaporization from storage is insufficient or system requirements for vapor are high.

Driving Factors

  • Due to increasing demand from the chemical industry, manufacturers are setting up chemical manufacturing and processing plants, especially for ethylene, propylene, and C derivatives chain.

  • Due to dip in crude oil prices, several refineries have been installed in the area for which industrial vaporizers are used for cleaning of fuel.

  • Due to production of shale gases in the North America the demand for industrial vaporizers has increased. Cryogenic gases produced by the cryogenic industry witness high demand in various end-use sectors including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food & beverages. This will increase the industries in cryogenic sector moving on the market growth of water bath vaporizer, thereby increasing the growth avenues from global industrial vaporizer market.

  • Also, these vaporizers are used in laboratories. In recent years, the cryogenic technology has improved at a rapid rate. Due to growth of industries in countries of Asia, the cryogenic sector in the region is anticipated to expand rapidly during the forecast period.

  • Worldwide research on cryogenics has led to technological advancements and this has broadened the scope of cryogenics in major applications such as energy, industrial, medical, and food processing. Air-ambient vaporizers are used for protection of the environment, due to their low maintenance and zero impact on the environment. In these vaporizers, the heat is forced by fans to increase the heat transfer rate and minimize the plot area.

  • Due to increasing use of industrial gases, such as ammonia, argon, chlorine, CO2, ethylene, LNG, nitrogen, and oxygen, use of ambient air vaporizers has grown over the time.

  • Increasing Internet penetration across the world has created an opportunity for manufacturers to list and sell their products online. Manufacturers give offers, such as coupons, bulk discount, and cashback, while selling their products online.

Market Segmentation

  • The global industrial vaporizer market can be segmented based on heat type, capacity, end-use application, and region.

  • In terms of heat type, the global industrial vaporizer market can be categorized into ambient, electric, hot water, radiant heat, and steam.

  • Based on capacity, the global industrial vaporizer market can be divided into under 40-160 gal/hr, 168-455 gal/hr, 555-1005 gal/hr, and more than 1000 gal/hr.

  • Based on end-use application, the global industrial vaporizer market can be classified into residential, commercial, and industrial.

  • In terms of application, the global industrial vaporizer market can be categorized into food & beverages, automotive, pharmaceutical, and healthcare, IT, and others (such as paper & pulp and textile).

  • Based on region, the global industrial vaporizer market can be segmented into North America (U.S, Canada and Rest Of North America), Europe (U.K, Germany, France, Italy and Rest Of Europe), Asia pacific (India, China, Japan and Rest Of Asia Pacific), Middle East & Africa (GCC, South Africa and Rest Of Middle East & Africa), and South America (Brazil and Rest Of South America).

Competitive Landscape

  • Some of the key players operating in the global industrial vaporizer market are ALGAS-SD, Alternate Energy Systems, Inc., Chart Industries, Meeder Equipment, MSP Corporation, National Oilwell Varco, Pegoraro Gas Technologies Srl, Standby Systems, Inc., The Linde Group, and TransTech Energy, Inc.

  • Players compete with each other by focusing on new product designs and technological advancements in order to consolidate their position in the market. Advancements in technology and geographic presence play a vital role in obtaining competitive edge in the market

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