Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

A business transaction done by the rule-book is always smooth. What’s more, we at Industry Probe esteem client experience the most. With an end goal to give you a hassle-free experience, Industry Probe sets out certain terms and conditions. Although, we have them published here, we completely hold the rights to change them as and when the need emerges. Being a responsible association, we deem it our obligation to put them out in the open for the client’s information. We likewise encourage you to make it a point to read the terms and conditions before putting the request. Note that the terms and conditions currently accessible on the website will be pertinent. Consequently, when you place an order with Industry Probe or any of our partners, you are consenting to the terms and conditions set by us here on the site.

Electronic Communications

Communications hold a productive spot in observing trust between two esteemed parties. At Industry Probe, a client visiting our website or keeping in touch with us through emails, is regarded to communicate with us electronically. Further, all communications from our end will be made by means of emails or through notification, announcements, disclaimers, or different types of communication on our site. Through such communications, you concur that all communication made by Industry Probe to you electronically are recorded as a hard copy.


All material and information accessible on our website and in our research reports, including content, illustrations, pictures, statistics, video material, insights, audio clips, analysis, and others, are solely property of Industry Probe and are protected by international copyright laws. Content in any form on Industry Probe’s website and research reports are likewise a select property of the organization and are ensured by global copyright laws. Moreover, all software and technical tools utilized by the organization on its website and inside are the sole property of Industry Probe. They are likewise ensured by global copyright laws. By communicating with us or by doing business exchanges with us, you consent to not partake in parts or in full any type of tool, content, data, illustrations, pictures, video, sound, or other Industry Probe property with some other outsider. On the off chance that you wish to do as such, it is required to get written consent from Industry Probe. The organization reserves all authority to initiate action, in its very own powers, or lawfully, in case errors are found from the client.

Delivery and Payments

Industry Probe is a market research organization and our products are both, common for all and customized. In both of the two cases, we only process the request carefully after payment. By no means does Industry Probe empower balance in payment for order. Simultaneously, after making the payment, it takes least 3-5 days for us to process the request. A copy of the report is given to you through email while the physical copy is sent to your postal location (in case there is such necessity). Delivery time may differ depending on the area.

While Industry Probe doesn’t support request cancellations, we do understand the requirement for rolling out the change under conditions. Be that as it may, Industry Probe, at no expense, repays the payment. Rather, we give Industry Probe credits adding up to the equivalent value which must be utilized inside a year.

License and Website Access

Upon entering a business exchange with Industry Probe, we give constrained access to a link which we hold rights to renounce anytime. Further, the link doesn’t allow depicting Industry Probe or any of its partners in a deprecatory way that may slander the organization, its values, the employees or the management. Any such activity, if discovered, Industry Probe holds the privilege to start legal action against the customer. Simultaneously, Industry Probe doesn’t allow downloading any form or content or tool from website, or alter it, or make any type of changes. The organization holds the rights to start action on finding such occurrences. The license doesn’t allow re-sale, or sale of a section or any part of the website or the research report. Likewise, use of robots to mine information from the sites for individual or business use is carefully denied. Industry Probe additionally doesn’t allow the use of its copyright, logo, proprietary information, or some other data or information in lieu with the organization on some other platform for individual or business use. Further, sharing data via social media from Industry Probe’s website or its research and analysis reports mandate attribution to Industry Probe, and furthermore orders consent from the organization in written form. The organization holds the position to start action if data from Industry Probe is shared via social networking sites without attribution and consent.

Accuracy and Credibility

The information gave by Industry Probe depend on broad research and our analysts utilize demonstrated and tried techniques to give data. Then again, content on the site is the result of sensible and reasonable research. Be that as it may, to err is human. Industry Probe doesn’t warrant that all content distributed on the site in any form, and the research and analysis report gave is free of blunders. We, obviously, endeavor to give the best quality data, and will consistently keep on doing as such.

Third Party Content

Other than its own tools and content, Industry Probe likewise utilizes content and data from third party websites. Sometimes, you may also discover links to them. Industry Probe, however, doesn’t hold responsibility regarding the quality, structure, or some other perspective related with the content on the third party site. We also, don’t represent any misfortune or harm caused to the consumer physically, electronically, financially, or in some other form, because of the third party website or content.


Loss brought about by the client at the personal or professional front in any structure is his/her/their responsibility. Neither Industry Probe nor any of its partners are mindful in any structure at all for the losses incurred and won’t be bound by any legal liabilities. Additionally, the client consent to not consider Industry Probe responsible for any such loss incurred anytime in their personal or professional fronts.

Law of the Land

By going into a business agreement with us, you agree to be responsible and comply with the law and guidelines laid down by the Government of Maharashtra and Government of India. Neglecting to abide by them may invite action as per the law of the land.


Industry Probe is a leading market research and business intelligence firm focused on consumer goods & industrial machinery sector offering best-in-class intelligence services through a workforce of talented & experienced analysts.

Offering a varied range of services from syndicated research & consulting solutions to competitive intelligence & full time engagement, Industry Probe is renowned for delivering excellent visibility and bringing better understanding to companies seeking greater market awareness.

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